Britain’s Hard Brexit Will be a Disaster

With a hard Brexit, Britain is shooting itself in both feet and then trying to dribble like Messi.


Mario on the Switch Looks Boring; Zelda Looks Good

The new Mario game for the Nintendo Switch doesn’t look that enticing or imaginative. It seemed quite boring to be honest. I think Nintendo needs to innovate better when it comes to the Mario franchise. On the other hand, the new Zelda game looks visually stunning and quite interesting as a game.

Wii bit of Niceness for U

This link – – to an article tells a simple yet heartening story. Check out the video too: He can’t really believe this is happening, and he seems embarrassed! Poor guy! I’m sure he will be happy with the gift though. There genuinely is more niceness than meanness in the world every day! Such a good PR move by Best Buy employees too! But you just know the Christmas spirit is in full effect now!