Poem: What Next for The World?

What next for the world,

What next for us?

What next for the world,

Is it written on a bus?

What next for the world,

What next for the good?

What next for the bad,

What will happen –

What should?




Is it time for us to live the future free?


Apple on Course to Disrupt the Hardcore Gaming Consoles

Apple, yesterday allowing developers to have games and apps that are as big as four gigabytes is a sign that Apple TV will be hosting hardcore video games and 4K content for those games and apps very soon. This is a warning sign to the PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch: Apple is coming to eat their lunch. Apple is also going to have 4K content in apps so their apps will be top-notch. In an example of how quickly things exponentially change in the tech world, the previous limit on apps and games was 200 MB file sizes. That’s a 20 times increase. Your move, Google.

Facebook Thinks Video Will be Bigger Than Mobile


Perhaps the reason why Facebook sees video as potentially being bigger than mobile is that video causes much more “user engagement” than other media – meaning it causes more of a connection, an effect, an experience of customers with one another or with a company or a brand.

This also means it’s better for advertisers. This may tie in with the company’s efforts in virtual reality, and could help give the corporation a laser-like focus on video.

Live video, of course, is more exciting, just like live sports or live news broadcasts are exciting.

This feature has enormous potential. Historic moments can be shared via a live feed to huge numbers of people. This can also make users feel that they have experienced something special – and this can even be the case with any live video; you feel that you’re in the moment and witnessing an event in an exclusive time-window alongside lots of other people are witnessing the same thing. It may be a vicarious experience most of the time, but other times it could be a communal experience. And of course when it comes to friends, they can share a live feed of what they’re getting up to, which can make social networking among friends more exciting.

There may be problems initially with too many live feeds without any filter, but I’m sure that Facebook will sort that out in due course.

An Irish Person’s Perspective on Brexit


Brexit won’t happen. Fear is too powerful a force. But, anyway, it’s in Britain’s best interests to remain in the EU. It’s also in Ireland’s best interests, along with the rest of EU.

If Britain were to leave the EU it would disallow free trade between Britain and the rest of the EU members. It might be seen as a reason for companies to think twice about investing in Britain. Sure, Britain would still be a big market on its own, but it would make things more awkward and complicated for companies to set-up there because of Britain’s laws being out of kilter with the EU laws.

It would also make Britain weaker as an economy, as it would no longer be part of a very important club. Some people who want Britain to leave want the country to go back to the glory days of British power. But it seems that at present Britain is very far away from that. And I don’t think the British public will be patient with such a project. And I doubt that project would succeed, anyhow. People in favour of Brexit want the country to essentially isolate itself and hope China and others come to its aid. I think that an isolated Britain wouldn’t have a good bargaining position with potential helpers.

Also, if Britain became weaker this would be bad news for the US and many other countries because all these countries benefit from certainty.

It would disrupt the easy-going relationship that Ireland has fostered with Britain. The British would still be our closest neighbours, but psychologically wouldn’t seem to be as connected to us as before. We would be living under EU policy and rules, but Britain would not. They wouldn’t be as European as us. It would be a cultural tragedy.



Bastille’s Second Album is Incoming

Bastille showed a little of one of their new songs from their new album via their website on the second of June. The indie pop band, whose ‘Pompeii’, ‘Of the Night’ and ‘Bad Blood’ album were smash hits, seem to be showing a mellower side with this slow-paced song. On their website, you can see a short video of a girl falling from a high building in slow motion. Hopefully they will have more upbeat and catchy songs too, as bands are always in danger of suffering from Second Album Syndrome.

Their new album comes four years after their debut. Rumours say that the band will release a new song as a single before playing Glastonbury on the 24th of June. They also showed off new songs ‘The Currents’ and ‘Snakes’ at Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival on the last weekend of May. ‘The Currents’ was also originally shown off at the Snowbombing festival in Switzerland, while ‘Snakes’ was premiered at live in June 2015 at Caribana Festival also in Switzerland.

The band gave a preview of the album by putting up two Instagram teaser trailers. They ask a question: “Are you afraid of heights?” and it appears they now have a new logo, with three intertwining triangles. Apparently the logo, the woman falling off a building and the question about the fear of heights form a common thread through the album. The new album will be called ‘Wild World’.

Bastille are set to have a hectic summer schedule, as they play several festivals this summer, with shows at Parklife Weekender, Wild Life, Glastonbury, T In The Park, V Festival, Festival No 6 and Bestival.

It’s anyone’s guess what the content of the album is about, though it may have a lot do with them seeing the world as wild.