Why Nintendo Switch won’t Switch Success for Failure

Nintendo Switch, a console/handheld hybrid is a neat concept, if it was made by Sony or Microsoft. I think that Nintendo will struggle to make Switch a success as it won’t have enough third-party support. Smartphones dominate the casual gaming market, a market Nintendo courted with the Wii. From there it has been downhill. Nintendo’s Wii U failed badly.

The problem Nintendo has is that the hardcore gamers want a PS4 or Xbox One because they both have a huge selection of games on offer due to strong third-party support. Gamers like having a lot of choice, because most of them like a game for a while, then get bored of it and move onto another. The PS4 and Xbox One also have robust online experiences – something Nintendo lacks.

The way I see this playing out is that the Switch will flop, and Nintendo will then finally focus on making games for iOS, Android, Apple’s tvOS and Google’s Android TV (the TV platforms being the future of the hardcore gaming market). They will also focus on the 3DS and the successor to 3DS. So Nintendo will survive, but will have to accept that the company won’t be as big as it used to be, as the amount of profit it will make on games will be smaller in comparison to the expensive prices of console games. Nintendo will face mighty competition on the mobile and TV platforms so its games will be bought or downloaded less than it is used to. The company may go the way of Sega, becoming a diminished corporation that morphs into a gaming studio but with one difference: Nintendo will still sell hardware with the 3DS and the handheld after that.

The fact is, Nintendo got schooled by Apple and Google because of a lack of vision for where gaming was going to go (to the companies making the future of computing), but there is no shame in that. So many companies have gotten schooled by Apple and Google.


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