Trump Will Bring Change for the Worse


So Trump is president. This may be like watching a car crash in slow motion. Trump is an empty vessel. But the policies that his compatriots in government will put forward for him to implement will wreak the country. Half of the American people may believe that Trump can bring forth change. However, what they did not consider is that things could change for the worse.

Getting into those right-wing policies though, an example being his plausible pledge to cut taxes. What Americans need to understand is that they need a high level of taxes to provide good social services and to have a budget for spending, in order to invest in the country and improve it. As said by Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.: Taxes are the price we pay for civilisation.

These tax cuts will most likely be applied to the wealthy and the corporations too. And it should be obvious that the rich need to pay much more to society. However, I’m sure they squirrel away their money away to tax havens in any case. But the symbolism matters.

Four years from now, it may still not be clear to Americans that the economy has worsened. He may get elected again. Who knows. But he may not have brought the change the American people want. They may start to see him as akin to a politician: willing to promise the world to people and then not follow through on those promises.

And a new outsider might appear to promise radical change for Americans (my hunch is that Americans may vote for radical politicians until they get better jobs and higher wages).

In short, Trump may be trumped by another populist, perhaps – and hopefully, a very left-wing Latina.






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