Apple’s WWDC 2016: A Report


For their WWDC Apple announced new updates to its OSes. There was no new hardware. This seems to show that Apple wants to polish off its software and strengthen it in different areas, to prepare it for new adventures into cars, virtual reality and maybe augmented reality. Generally, there wasn’t much to shout about when it came to new features for these OSes.

When it came to watchOS, there were some updates like instant loading of apps, but there wasn’t a lot to show that that this OS and product has really taken off in a big way. The Apple Watch will be a very significant product for Apple in the coming years, however.

TvOS was given an update that again wasn’t very eventful. One of the things they have added is the Single Sign-On feature. This makes using it more convenient, but is hardly anything revolutionary. It is the apps that are being developed for the Apple TV that point towards a bright future for this device, however. That being games, but Sky Go and Netflix already point the way to the future of television consumption.

Siri for Mac and Apple Pay in the (Safari) browser show that Apple has added some new features for its traditional products. Siri for Mac may be great news for people with disabilities in particular.

iOS 10 launched without much ground-breaking new features, except perhaps for the ability to delete stock Apple apps. Siri now works with third-party apps. QuickType will offer you helpful contextual options. Voicemails can now be transcribed automatically. Maps is improved to give you contextual directions and has been opened up to allow extensions. Home is an app that aggregates HomeKit apps for IoT devices. This displays that Apple is serious about IoT device management, and strengthens its strategy for IoT.


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