Apple May Focus on its Software for its WWDC

Apple’s WWDC is set to start Monday June 13th at 5 p.m. GMT with a keynote, as usual, and it looks like the company is going to only focus on software this time. It seems like it will be selling the virtues of its core software – iOS 10 and the upcoming version of OS X to developers and everyday people, alongside new versions of TVOS 10 and watchOS 3, while showcasing the new features of said software.

The first rumour is of Apple releasing a dark mode for iOS 10 as well as a new and improved version of Apple Music. Apple is also expected to release a Siri SDK to allow developers to use Siri in their apps. It may also showcase an “iCloud Voicemail” feature whereby Siri could give information as to why the user missed the call and to give location information. Generally, Siri may be enhanced – with better speech recognition and intelligence – as news of Apple’s acquisitions indicate. iCloud could also be made more secure by way of encryption.

Some of the more interesting Mac rumours say that Apple will bring Siri and Apple Pay to the Mac. TVOS and watchOS will probably be improved, but there is no indication that any radical new features will be unveiled for either of those OSes.

This could just be a case of Apple polishing their software and allowing more integration between them all, rather than adding any huge improvements or huge new features. Perhaps they are smart not to boldly add more big features, but instead strengthen their ecosystem, and prepare it for new adventures into cars, car services, VR and maybe AR. The software is a large part of Apple’s success, after all; it has to exude premium quality and luxury as much as the hardware does.




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