Atlético Failed to Make History

Atlético Madrid had their chance to make history. And they blew it. Antoine Griezmann also should share some culpability. If he had scored his penalty in the second half Atlético could have got a second and beat Real Madrid by a single goal.

Atlético didn’t seem to show up at all in the first half, and Real were more than deserving of their lead. However, Real only managed the one goal, and Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo were far from rampant. It was more a case of Modrić and Kroos winning the midfield battle handsomely. Nevertheless, Bale flicked on a 15th minute free kick that led to Ramos’ touch and their only goal from open play.

In the second half, Atlético were dominant, and suddenly had found their urgency and verve again. They quickly got a penalty, and around this time, it appeared that Atlético were going to score it and go on to win the game. It wasn’t to be, with Griezmann rattling the crossbar with an imprudent style of penalty. Bale was confident and industrious whenever he got the ball. Unfortunately, that was rarely. However, Ronaldo hardly did a thing. Like-wise Benzema. It was almost as if Real were happy passing the ball around the back and in midfield, and were somewhat settling for extra time.

When extra time arose, the game seemed to slow to a crawl and both teams generally struggled to finish.

For Atlético’s last penalty, Juanfran stepped up and missed. It was as if a script had been written for what happened next. Ronaldo stepped up to take the final penalty, and confidently slotted it into the far right corner. He then proceeded to rip his shirt off, just like the hearts of Atlético supporters had been ripped to shreds.




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